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Custom build modular process skid systems

Custom build modular process skid systems

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Irrespective of your industry, you will most likely require a skid system for your equipment at some point. This is especially so if you operate as a pharmaceutical technician, commercial chemist, biotech engineer or a food processing plant manager.

Expensive storage tanks, pressure vessels and heat exchangers can be elevated by skid systems to prevent possible breakdowns caused by high temperatures, chemical corrosion and spills. Skid systems allow for more rapid cooling and can simplify clean-up operations. They can also reduce the necessity of having to lift equipment manually. This ensures a clean and safe working environment. 

It is remarkable how rapidly logistics can complicate projects which involve expending, scaling or updating a manufacturing process. Capital costs and sluggish movement back towards full production can be increased by long lead times on equipment, delays with on-site fabrication and the facilitation of communication between vendors.

Recently, manufacturers have been increasing their dependency on more rapid and less expensive alternatives to conventional stick-build process systems. Modular process skids offer both flexibility and robustness. This provides a unique product which is more price-competitive and which quite frankly, leaves conventional systems unable to compete. Manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, consumer products, chemicals, oil and gas can bring their product to market with less cost, more quickly and with less hassle if they choose to install modular process skids.

If you happen to be involved with one of the industries mentioned, you may have heard of the term ‘modular process skids’, but what exactly are they and when should they be used? We will define modular process skids in this post. We will also explain their benefits and provide examples of some process skids that were custom-built for manufacturers.

A modular process skid mouted unit is a self-contained process system that has been built into a frame or ‘module’, specifically for the purpose of easy transportation and integration. It can consist of either entire process systems or simply individual process applications. These can include batch mixing or blending, delayed differentiation, solvent recovery, and small-scale distillation.

In addition to labour, there are many advantages that skid mounted process systems provide manufacturers with. The following are a select few:

  • Shorter Project Timelines – to avoid interruption, the offsite fabrication of process skid packages, allows the on-site facility upgrades to continue functioning. The implementation of the steps in unison can take months off the project schedule, whereby allowing manufacturers to bring their product to market more quickly.

  • High Quality Fabrication – By fabricating skids in a controlled shop environment, weather-related risks and setbacks can be effectively eliminated. This also minimises the need for craftsmen to undertake overhead welding operations. As a result of this, shop craftsmen pre-fabricate most materials using orbital welders. This results in more accurate and precise welding practices.

  • Rollout Savings – Manufacturers who require the installation of multiple skids across different locations are able to leverage engineering and design costs from the first skid. This entails that they are able to fabricate multiple replicas for reduced cost for every subsequent process skid.


Why Choose B&P Engineering, Turnkey Modular Process Skids?

Just what is it that makes B&P Engineering stand out from other skid manufacturers? By using a unique collaboration process through design, engineering and fabrication, we manage to break down silos. By taking turnkey responsibility, we not only lower your risk, but we complete the process more speedily than our competition.

The team at B&P Engineering is takes full ownership of their responsibilities, which empowers us to discover any potential problems more quickly, whereby making our projects more efficient. As we realise that you are busy, once we fully understand your needs, we are able to independently focus on accomplishing your goals, allowing you the ease of focusing on your day job.


Once we understand your process requirements, our team of experts across B&P Engineering can then head towards providing a solution and design. We can craft custom control panel and skid-mounted systems for your unique applications. Whether simple or complex, fabricated systems from B&P Engineering can cut the expense and trouble of both sourcing and compiling individual components, and ultimately save you time.

We’ve been developing modular skid designs for over 10 years. These designs have included several process applications such as batch mixing and blending, batch reaction, in-line blending and dosing, emulsion, distillation, solvent recovery, absorption, steam stripping, pipe bridges, raw material handling, clean-in-place (CIP), and a wide variety of utility process skids.

Keeping our workforce safe during fabrication and installation is our utmost priority, so that the skid can efficiently operate in your facility with safety being upheld throughout the whole process.


A modular process skid consists of a combination of equipment which is connected to a frame. It can consist of anything from a small frame with a single pump, to a complicated high-rise system with multiple mechanical components. These components can consist of pressure vessels, boilers, heat exchangers, storage tanks, pumps, compressors, steel structures and interconnecting pipelines as well as electrical connections.

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