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Juice mixing station

Juice mixing station

The mixing system has been designed for manufacturers of juices and other beverages and liquid products.

This practical solution enables preparing mixtures of solutions made up from any components available in the plant in order to create a satisfactory finished product of constant quality.

  • High level of protection against operational errors

  • Possibility of entering an extensive database of recipes

  • Elimination of product contamination by the cleaning solution

  • Guaranteed repeatability of the finished product quality

  • Significant time savings thanks to optimised production processes

  • Significant financial savings thanks to increased dosing precision

  • Monitoring of processes enabled by data archiving

B&P ensures a comprehensive service, starting with defining the customer’s needs through an offer, executing, drawing up the technical documentation being an integral part of the manufactured device, to organising transport as well as providing a number of services related to installation and start-up. An individual project is prepared for every customer, defining the number, type, capacity of tanks and the type of control system. The mixing station can be integrated into an existing bottling line or other devices.

The system is based on control system software which controls the operation of valves and the working of valve blocks with the rest of the system.

The mixing system operates on collecting pipes, in an arrangement that enables performing several product mixing cycles simultaneously. This requires entering the types, quantities and storage locations of components into the computer. Each product has an assigned number and its basic parameters are entered into the system. The programme can store data of up to 100 components for preparing mixtures.

All mixing processes are controlled by a controller which can store several hundred recipes. If no recipe is available, a process specialist can enter it into the recipe database by selecting any components, bearing in mind that the sum of all components must be 100%. The process of mixing components according to a recipe involves selecting the recipe number and name, specifying the total quantity after mixing the components and the mixing location. When executing a product recipe, the programme feeds the individual components through the valves into the collector and pumps them into the mixing tank.

The visualisation functionality allows constant monitoring of the components’ transport into the mixing tank and viewing the set recipe on a special panel. The panel shows each individual phase of obtaining components, their quantity and the increasing weight in the mixing tank. The HACCP-compliant software ensures full product traceability in each production phase. When the process is finished, the programme automatically starts cleaning the installation. Installation cleaning can be performed simultaneously to the production process.

Juice mixing station
Juice mixing station
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