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Mixers for processing tanks

Mixers for processing tanks

Mixers are mainly used in food processing in the dairy industry and breweries.

They are also used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Mixing of medium with agitators may take place in pressurized tanks and weathering.

Our engineers develop equipment used for various processes in the following manufacturing areas: beverages, milk, sweets, cosmetics, soaps, oils, pharmaceuticals, paints and varnishes.

Mixers that we offer fulfil highest standards and ensure effective mixing of the medium.

B&P Engineering offers mixers used in processing tanks (pressure and atmospheric).

Paddlemixer - vertical
Motor power 1,5 – 22 kW
rpm                13 - 100

Frame mixer - vertical
Motor power 1,5 – 22 kW
rpm                13 - 100

Horseshoe mixer - vertical

Motor power 1,5 – 22 kW
rpm                13 - 100

Side mixer with gear-motor

Motor power  0,37 - 5,0 kW
rpm                17 - 920


Side mixer - light

Motor power    0,37 - 5,0 kW
rpm                  920

  • High quality
  • Short mixing time
  • Product-friendly
  • Product heating not required

Containers with mixers are individually matched to the size of customer's containers as well as the products to be mixed.

These solutions are delivered in containers of capacities between approx. 300 and 200,000 litre. Viscosity may be up to 400,000 mPa or more in individual cases.

Additionally, the mixers may be fitted with typically used seals, such as the radial shaft seal or slide seal. All the parts in the containers, such as shafts and the mixer can be produced to suit a food-friendly environment.

Top and side mixers (stirrers)
Top and side mixers (stirrers)
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