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Aseptic Filtration System MONA

Aseptic Filtration System MONA

The MONA System is a patented, compact device for the hygienic filtration process during which Alicyclobacillus (ACB) spores are eliminated from the concentrate.

The MONA system has been designed for use in the food industry. It is used to improve the quality of concentrates and to pasteurise concentrates during aseptic production. We can also pasteurize it and cool the concentrate before transport. The control program is designed to manage the process in a way which ensures the maximum possible product safety. The control program helps eliminate ABC bacteria and improve the quality of concentrated juices, like those the quality of which was reduced during warehousing.

Up to 300 tons of concentrate on one cover of filter plates.

Depending on the product quality, up to 300 tons of concentrated juice can be filtered with a single filter plate medium change, along with optional pasteurization and supercooling prior to product handling. We can also pasteurize it and cool the concentrate before transport.

Efficiency of concentrate up to 15 t/h
Plate filter’s filtration area Approx. 50 m2
Control system  Simatic S-7
Total cooling power  Approx. 150 kW (option)
Power input Approx. 100 kW (with refrigerating machine)
Steam consumption  Approx. 300 kg/h
Steam pressure 5 bar
Materials AISI 304/ option AISI 316L

The MONA control program helps eliminate ABC bacteria and improve the quality of concentrated juices, like those the quality of which was reduced during warehousing.

  • System for preparing the coolant
  • Stainless steel glycol tank AISI 304, volume: 3 m3
  • Possibility of designing the MONA system software and plant piping to enable safe selection of product routes and directing it through the switching panel to several locations, e.g. to a concentrate tank room, aseptic tank room, bottler or directly to a tanker.


  • The only effective way to eliminate ACB
  • Device that provides low unit cost of filtration
  • Stand-alone device enabling processing at any time
  • Does not require long operator training and the control interface is intuitive
  • Ensures that the product is safe and constantly monitored throughout the entire process
  • Optimum use of filter plates thanks to particular algorithm
  • Tool ensuring consistent high quality and documentation of data archiving
  • Manufactured using top-quality components from reputable manufacturers

The system uses aseptic filter plates which also reduce juice turbidity and improve its microbiological parameters by eliminating ACB spores. The bacterial spores are resistant to the standard process of pasteurisation. Improved quality is achieved through pasteurisation of the finished products combined with simultaneous cleaning on a plate filter. Two types of plates are used for the filtration process. The first filter reduces the concentrate’s turbidity, while the second is used for the actual aseptic filtration, i.e. elimination of ACB spores from the juice.

  • Three-step plate heat exchanger
  • Coil pipe for retaining the product in the pasteurisation section
  • Pumps
  • Buffer vessel
  • Hydraulic plate filter
  • Cooling section
  • Fully automatic Siemens S7 control system with 17” touch panel

Over the recent years, we have delivered the MONA system to a number of leading food producers in Poland and other countries. Each MONA system unit is customized for the processing needs of the end user.

The principle of operation of the MONA System is based on three processes:


The concentrate stored in the magazine is of high viscosity, which prevents the filtration from being effective. In order to allow filtration, its viscosity shall be lowered - this effect is achieved by rising the temperature in the heat exchanger and the regeneration section of the exchanger to the temperature set by the user (temperature range within 60-90°C). Alternatively, it can be retained for 30 seconds as a minimum at the desired temperature in the retention section.


Filtration of preheated concentrate takes place on a two-piece plate filter. In the first section, there is prefiltration which eliminates larger impurities. Meanwhile, in the second sterile filtration, product is ensured with the complete elimination of microorganisms, including ACB spores. The juice after filtration process is a completely sterile product.

Cooling down:

The sterile juice goes to the regeneration section of the heat exchanger, where it partially gives back the heat absorbed and then it is cooled to the set temperature on the cooling section in the heat exchanger. It is also possible to cool the product to a lower temperature than at the temperature on entrance.

The design of the MONA provides positive pressure difference both on the regeneration section and the cooling section, which nowadays is a required standard for food safety. 

Aseptic filtration system MONA
Aseptic filtration system MONA
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