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Pasteurisation systems

Pasteurisation systems

B&P pasteurisation systems are used in the fruit juice production industry.

A pasteurizer is a device for carrying out the process of pasteurization of food in order to preserve it. The pasteurization process consists in destroying microorganisms that are harmful to human life and health.

Software controlling the work of the pasteurizer in combination with automation and measuring devices eliminates the need for constant supervision. All operating parameters are available in the form of reports.

Pasteurizers manufactured by B&P Engineering enable the processing of various types of raw materials on a single device, from juice and concentrate to vegetable purées (e.g. onion, beetroot, garlic). 

Efficiency range from 500 l/h up to 50 00 l/h
Heating temperatures from 65°C up to 99°C
Material AlSl 304/316L
Operation Manual or automatic (PLC control system)


  • Detergent dispenser:

At the customer's request, it is possible to automate the delivery of cleaning agents by means of a so-called detergent dispenser. The dispenser increases the level of work safety by eliminating the need for manual measuring and adding of cleaning agents. Based on conductivity meter readings, the system takes an appropriate cleaning agent to maintain the desired parameters during the cleaning cycle. 

  • Depending on the customer's needs, pasteurizers are made as aseptic and hygienic ones
  • Possibility to be equipped with deaeration systems:
    • automatic valve for controlling the product distribution flow on the walls of the deaerator tank
  • Extraction and recovery of aroma
  • Compatible with hot filling equipment

We offer the following versions of pasteurizers:

  • plate
  • tubular
  • modular
  • fully automatic
  • semi-automatic
  • manually controlled
  • flexible and individual design and planning
  • can be cleaned using CIP systems
  • each system can be delivered as a mono-block
  • installation can be performed autonomously by the customer
  • user-friendly
  • fully automatic PLC control system with visualisation
  • increasing the level of work safety through the use of a detergent dispenser
  • wide capacity range from 500 to 20,000 l/h
  • heat exchangers of renowned manufacturers
  • optimal selection of heat exchanger plates allowing processing of many types of juices
  • the cleaning system is optimally matched to the type of plates used.
  • maximally extended regeneration section (heat recovery)
  • wide range of adjustment of pasteurization temperature
  • cooling unit with a buffer tank for preparing a cooling medium
  • control of the holding time at the pasteurization temperature by changing the coil length
  • intuitive control - elimination of operating errors (work program divided into stages: cleaning)
  • ensuring production safety - use of pumps increasing pressure
  • archiving of production processes and reporting
  • common control programs for the pasteuriser and the distribution pipelines to the warehouse
  • possibility to be equipped with deaeration systems

The destruction of microorganisms takes place when heated to a temperature appropriate for the pasteurised food product. After the pasteurization process, we obtain a product with a prolonged shelf life and well-established organoleptic properties.

The product is heated up to a temperature between 65°C and 142°C in order to dispose of all micro-organisms. Next, the product is cooled down ready to undergo subsequent processing. The systems are fitted with a booster pump to ensure that the pressure of the pasteurised product always exceeds the pressure of the non-pasteurised product by at least 0.5 bar.

In case event of a leakage in the heat exchanger, the pasteurised product is always pressed into the non-pasteurised product, never the other way round. You can rest assured: only 100% perfectly pasteurised product leaves your system.

Pasteurizers and Pasteurisation systems made by B&P Engineering
Pasteurizers and Pasteurisation systems made by B&P Engineering
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