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B&P Engineering offers a defrosting, heating, or cooling device for raw material called Termobreak, which can be used for pulp or creamogen as well as products which contain the whole fruits.

The technical data are set individually for application. The dimensions and request for heating medium are estimated after consultation and defining of production requirements. The dimension depends on: efficiency, the variation of raw material heating temperature, the type of raw material, its physical and thermodynamical properties.

Efficiency up to 25 ton/h, form -30°C up to +5°C
Width 1200 mm
Length 3500 mm
Height 1900 mm
Heating medium steam pressure up to 4 bar or heating water
Material AISI 304


  • open system with an easy chute of product directly to the heating chamber (ex. from the mill or crusher)
  • the hermetic arrangement can work at an overpressure up to 0,2 bar with the protective atmosphere of raw material in form of inert gas  (ex. nitrogen, carbon dioxide) or with hygienic vent system in form of air breather filter which protects the product against impurities.
  • the appliance can be equipped with the heating water preparation system based on shell and tube heat exchanger or on plate heat exchanger which is heated up by steam.
  • B&P Engineering offers different kind of control systems for the following appliance, from simple manual through semi-automatic to fully automatic ones, based on programmable controller with the visualization of the process.
  • The biggest advantage of this appliance is the rotatable heating unit in shape of two spirals placed on the common shaft. The movable heater protects the product against burning and due to the constant stir of raw material, increases the efficiency of heat transfer. This kind of solution enables also to apply the direct steam injection. This process protects against adhering of raw material to heating spiral what could result in burning of the product. 
  • Another feature of the following solution is the fact that the whole heating process of the raw material is very sensitive. The heating spiral itself is the stirring unit, which doesn’t have any cutting edges and the sensitive stirring doesn’t damage the structure of raw material, so it can be used for heating of delicate products like fillings or jams containing whole fruits.
  • Another advantage of Termobreak is high heat transfer coefficient, ca. five times higher than in the standard tubular heater, as well as the fact that the feeding pump doesn’t have to be used, what saves the energy.

The standard open heating appliance consists of an U-type heating chamber placed on a carrying frame. The feed hopper is mounted in the upper part of the heat space. At the end of the heating chamber there is a  closing lid that can be lifted by the manual hydraulic system. There are two rotating spirals inside, mounted on the common shaft. In places where the shaft goes out of the wall, the sealing glands have been installed. The heating spiral shaft has been arranged with two standing bearing units on both sides with increased technical resistance. The heating spiral is driven by a chain drive with a gear-motor.

The whole heating chamber is insulated. Type and thickness of the applied insulating material is adjusted to the operating temperature the appliance has been designed for. Inside the heating chamber there is CIP-washing system installed.

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