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Automation and visualisation of production processes

Automation and visualisation of production processes

The latest control systems ensure direct control over each production stage.

The high level of automation ensures the optimum level of production and protects devices from operational errors. In order to make operation simple, the user is provided with a clear menu using images (visualization). B&P uses Siemens SPS technology.

We also offer a system of online production process monitoring for the whole production line.  Online access to the system also ensures remote diagnostics of the system and monitoring. Visualisation can be installed using ordinary PCs, touchpads or panels with displays of various dimensions.

To ensure the convenience of device operation we offer a wide range of operation panels.

  • Push Button Panel
  • Micro Panel
  • Touch Panel
  • Multi Panel
  • Mobile Panel
The application of visualisation and production process control allows continuous improvement to the process and cost reductions. Reports from an industrial database are helpful in detecting the bottlenecks on a production line resulting from recurrent failures or poor organisation of component supply.
Visualisation systems enable continuous information transfer from the detectors installed on the production lines or technological installations concerning: temperature, flow, pressure etc. The software can record readings, present current and historical charts as well as process reports, failure alerts, and, last but not least, present process visualisation in the form of a clear synoptic diagram with a legend and parameters displayed on the computer screen.
Visualisation systems provide the possibility of distributed process control from several operator stations. An additional computer installed in the office of the CTO can give a full view of plant operation.
A graphical visualisation consists of a diagram which illustrates the flow of data in a production process. After the data for a specific technological process have been defined, it is possible to view the status of the production stage of a particular product. Individual production stages are depicted as icons.
Integrating individual devices into a network allows operational activities to be minimized and to enhance the effectiveness of individual devices, which leads to elimination of downtime and failures.
All control systems and visualisation software are devised and programmed in our own Department, which makes us independent from outside companies and enables us to cater for the client’s needs as well as implement any necessary changes. Upon the client’s request backup and a hotline can be installed (e.g. in compliance with HACCP). SPS is the core of each automation system. It is a junction for all information about the process or a machine. The effectiveness of a device is directly linked to the effectiveness of the SPS and software.
Automation of manufacturing processes_B&P Engineering
Automation of manufacturing processes_B&P Engineering
Automation and visualisation of production processes
Automation and visualisation of production processes
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