Implemented in the greenfield system.

This technological line was created based on the needs and requirements of our Customer.

Capacity: 10 t/h
Country: Poland

Scope of implementation:

  • Preparing a fruit pulp:
    • fruit washer
    • inspection belt
    • cross feeder
    • crushing mill for colour fruit
    • hammer mill
    • pipe exchanger for heating fruit pulp
    • supply-control cabinet for operating a line of colour fruit and preparing apple pulp
  • Juice yielding:
    • basket press
    • screw feeder for expellers
  • Pasteurisation and condensation:
    • four stage evaporator station with aroma recovery system
  • Clarifying:
    • dosing station for clarifying agents
  • Filtering:
    • ultrafiltration system
    • pressure and vacuum filters
  • Set of process and storage tanks
  • CIP washing station
  • Complete piping and control system of the whole line