The investment was a turnkey project.
It involved preparation of the whole project documentation including arrangement of all the technical aspects and performing comprehensive installation works.
Total capacity: 3 mln liters
Country: Poland


Scope of works:

  • sorting machine, feeder, belt feeder and hammer mill
  • IPS 10.000 basket pressing unit
  • UF XL 300 ultrafiltration
  • natural unclarified juice pasteurisation system
  • aseptic storage tanks
  • intermediate tank
  • technological piping consistent with the latest standardscontrol and visualization system
  • CIP cleaning station

Additional information:

B&P Engineering manufactured, delivered and installed the aseptic tanks together with a complete piping and control system equipped with a visualization system.

Connection plates were used in the performed installation and the structure of such plates eliminates the possibility of operator’s errors during the operation of the warehouse system. Moreover, we installed an equalization tank which enables extracting juice with precisely specified parameters.

A line of thirty three tanks adapted for sterile storage of juices was installed in the room equipped with cooling system. The tanks were equipped with the CIP (Clean-In-Place) system and devices protecting against excess pressure fluctuations.

The warehouse was equipped with a modern control and visualization system which, among others, enables to archive information concerning stages of work of individual tanks. The performance status of the devices and individual systems operating in the room are visualized on the touch panel and therefore supervision and controlling the system from one place are possible.