The customer’s expectations were the implementation of the clear concentrate production technology and enabling the plant's capacity to be fully controlled.

The scope of delivery:

  • The 6-stage evaporation station 40.000 6A
  • The ultrafiltration system UF XL 490
  • Peripheral devices


Efficiency 800 t/day

Country: Ukraine


Additional information:

The B&P Engineering engineers have proposed an optimal solution based on information obtained from the customer.

The most efficient type of evaporation station and ultrafiltration system allowed to triple the processing efficiency of the raw material to the value of 800 tons per day.

The supplied modern evaporation station is characterized with a capacity reduction function, enabling operation in three modes of inflow, i.e. 12.000 l/h, 20.000 l/h and 40.000 l/h. The operator determines the selected mode from the control system.

The implementation of new devices enabled the customer to produce the clear concentrate and control the plant's line efficiency.