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In 2017 – 2020, patented MONA aseptic filtration systems for the elimination of Alicyclobacillus bacteria from concentrate have completed the production lines at many production facilities in Europe and the Middle East.

MONA aseptic filtration systems have been recognized by beverage industry professionals for their unique features:

  • elimination of ACB bacteria
  • improving the quality of concentrated juices
  • pasteurization

Compact design, easy connection of the MONA system to the existing fittings combined with the adaptability of the control system functions and components allow it to fit perfectly into any fruit concentrate processing plant.

Presented here are selected images from the 2017-2020 deliveries of MONA aseptic ultrafiltration systems.


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More information about the MONA system can be found here.

Catalog card: MONA aseptic filtration systems

Animation showing the principle of operation and advantages.

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