Pasteurizer with a tubular exchanger and an automatic dispenser of cleaning agents is a device enabling the processing of various raw materials, including vegetable purées.

The following presents the realization of flexible approach by B&P Engineering to build the device, that is determined by the customer's needs (modular skid systems).


In order to allow pasteurization of various types of raw materials, a tubular exchanger has been used in the presented pasteurizer and a stirrer has been added to the buffer tank to prevent the product from settling (e.g. in the case of vegetable purées).


An additional advantage of the pasteurizer is the introduced mechanism of automatic dosing of cleaning agents, a so-called dispenser.

The contact of the worker operating the pasteurizer with substances harmful to the human organism has been reduced to the necessary minimum, which increases the safety level of the operator's work.

The detergent dispenser consists of dispensing pumps placed in two containers filled with acid and alkali. The dispenser eliminates the need for manual measuring and adding of cleaning agents. Based on conductivity meter readings, the system takes an appropriate cleaning agent to maintain the desired parameters during the cleaning cycle.

The software controlling the operation of the pasteurizer in combination with automation and measuring devices eliminates to a minimum the risk of error by the operator. All operating parameters are archived and available in the form of reports.

The customer receives an automated device, which enables the processing of various types of raw materials and optimization of the feeding of cleaning agents.


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