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Over the past few years (2017-2020), we have been able to supply more than a dozen fruit and vegetable processing plants with state-of-the-art, multi-stage, automatically controlled falling film evaporators drop film distillation plants.

In one case, due to restrictions dictated by a pandemic, our engineers coordinated the work of a customer’s installation crews in 2020 for a customer in Russia using video transmission. Despite the difficulties, the installation of the evaporator system went according to schedule.

The evaporators delivered to customers all over Europe use modern components and measuring devices as well as high-quality energy-saving pumps.

The operator of our distillation plant can select how it performs using two modes:

• low: 10,000 - 22,000 l/h of juice inflow

• high: 20,000 - 56,000 l/h of juice inflow

The capacity of the evaporator in the selected operating mode can be adjusted continuously.

As the evaporator can operate in low capacity mode, the processing plant can adjust its performance for the capabilities and quantity of the available raw material.


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