Turnkey project. We delivered two systems: Ultrafiltration UF XL and MONA pasteurisation and filtration station.

Country: Poland

Province: . świętokrzyskie

Scope of delivery:

1. Ultrafiltration system UF XL490 of efficiency 43 200 l/h (for raw juice) equipped with batch tank enabling so-called sequential ultrafiltration, which is integrated with diafiltration.

In the case of sequential ultrafiltration applying batch tank (40m3,) the retentate density rises automatically to the maximum degree of densification.

Once the densification is over, the diafiltration is started automatically with the use of demineralized water or the condensate from evaporation station.

The aqueous, almost sugar-free concentrate is discharged into the channel at the end of the diafiltration. Once the diafiltration is completed, the washing process begins, which lasts approx. 2 to 3 hours. After washing phase, the ultrafiltration station is ready to run a new production cycle.

2.  The MONA filtration is a system of efficiency on concentrated juice of approx. 5.8 m³ / h (up to 8 000 kg / h).

The MONA system is applied in order to improve the quality of the concentrate prior to loading.  Improvement of the quality occurs by pasteurization of the finished product with maintaining simultaneous possibilities of clearing it on the plate filter. The application of appropriate plate filters results in reducing the juice turbidity and leads to better microbiological parameters outcomming through eliminating the microbial spores of bacteria resistant to the temperatures during the pasteurization.

The device collects the concentrate from the feed tank with lobe pump and redirects it to the juice / juice exchanger section, where it is then preheated by pasteurized product outflowing from pasteurization section. After that it enters the pasteurization section, where by being heated with hot water, it reaches a predetermined programmed temperature ranging from 87°C to 95°C.

From the pasteurization section the product may be directed to coil hose, where it is being stored in deterined temperature, to be then redirected to plate filter.

The plate filter is applied in order to achieve better product clarity, as well as its microbiological purity by eliminating bacteria group Alicyclobacillus (ACB). 

The control cabinet with touch panel provides support, control, visualization, and archives processes carried out on the device.

Measured parameters are among others:

- starting temperature of the product

- inlet temperature of the heating medium

- inlet temperature of the coolant

- product flow

- pressure input and output of the product at the filter plate (differential pressure)