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Falling film evaporator

Falling film evaporator

The B&P Engineering evaporator system it’s a modern device used to achieve the required degree of concentration of various types of fluids.

The B&P Engineering falling film evaporator system is a modern device used to achieve the required degree of fluid concentration. The multistage evaporator (juice evaporatorwith falling juice film is the most important device of the production cycle. It is used to condense apple juices as well as soft (coloured) fruits juices. It is applied in food industry for the production of fruit juices and concentrates.

Depending on the Customer’s needs and technical constraints we build IV-V-VI-section juice evaporator systems. Number of sections (columns) of the station depends on the Customer’s requirements and B&P Engineering suggests the best solutions for a particular application.

Evaporator stations manufactured by B&P Engineering allow you to change the capacity mode without the need for an operator to perform mechanical operations. 

Evaporation efficiency 7 000 to 50 000 l/h
Number of sections from 4 to 6
Steam consumption aprox. 0.217 kg steam / kg evaporated water
Steam pressure 8 bar
Power input 60 - 300 kW
Materials  stainless steel AISI 304/ option AISI 316L
Dimensions/6-section system Approx.14m x 3,5m x14m


During the entire juice production process, raw material reaches the evaporation station twice:

  • for the first time, as unclarified juice before ultrafiltration process in order to be pasteurised and dearomatised 
  • for the second time, as fined juice in order to be subjected to processes of initial and final condensation, inter-stage filtration and product cooling
  • Changeover function for two modes of operation: low capacity 10-22 litres per hour of juice inflow and high capacity 20-40 litres per hour of juice inflow. The change of the operating mode is done automatically without the need for mechanical intervention by an operator. Within each operating mode, the output can be continuously adjusted. 
  • Aroma station for intensifying and recovering the aroma during the concentration and rectification process
  • Cooling towers
  • Refrigerating machine
  • Product cooling

State of the art technologies available on the market and ongoing research works makes B&P Engineering evaporation station marked out by:

  • optimal energy consumption
  • failsafe operation
  • extremely high elasticity in efficiency adjustment
  • modern controls
  • changing the capacity mode enables the processing of raw material with different capacity adjusted to the current possibilities and quantity of available raw material

B&P Engineering evaporation station ensures high process efficiency, rapid evaporation and low steam consumption. Automatic controlling with visualisation enables the operator to control the parameters of pasteurised juice on a current basis.

  • Heating element with integrated CIP and feed tanks
  • Tangential separator
  • Surface condenser
  • Pipe coil pre-heater
  • Plate heat exchanger
  • Pumps
  • Piping
  • Fully automatic Siemens S7 control system with 17” touch panel
  • Maintenance scaffolding

The product is distributed on the heating pipes and a thin film is created as it flows downwards. The heating steam is used to heat the pipes from the outside, causing the fluid to boil and evaporate. Fluids and vapours are separated in the lower section of the heating element.

The concentrated fluid travels to the subsequent concentration section, while vapours are directed to the separator and are later used for further evaporation. The product must undergo all evaporation stages in order to achieve the desired degree of concentration. Each B&P Engineering juice evaporator system is designed based on extensive consultations. Thanks to our excellent vertical integration, we can guarantee high flexibility and ensure that all process and customer requirements are met.

Complete lines for production of juices and concentrates
Complete lines for production of juices and concentrates
Falling film evaporator
Falling film evaporator
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