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Depectinization tanks

Depectinization tanks

Depectinisation process is carried out in acid-proof tanks equipped with stirrers (mixers).

They are used to trun the process of depectinization of pasteurised juice after the first section of the evaporating station. In the production process, they can be used to carry out the process of sedimentation if there is no ultrafiltration.

Material AISI 304, 316L or other, depending on customer requirements
Surface IIIc, IIId, etched, sanded, polished, polished electrically, subject to shot peening
Capacity up to 40,000 litres or more
Diameter up to 3000 mm or larger on special order
Layout vertical
  • side mixer
  • tank with fittings
  • manual or automatic control
  • valve for collecting clear juice from the bottom sediments

Tanks have perfect dimensions, ensuring correct dosing of enzymatic preparations through the station preparing fining agents.

Complete lines for production of juices and concentrates
Complete lines for production of juices and concentrates
Depectinization and pulp tanks
Depectinization and pulp tanks
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