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XL Ultrafiltration system

XL Ultrafiltration system

The B&P XL ultrafiltration system has been designed for applications in food process industry for juice ultrafiltration (such as apple, pear, cherry, berry and stone fruits juices, as well as fruit wines).


Feed capacity 10 000 – 50 000 l/h (Brix 10)
Membrane modules

PCI/Xylem A37/A19, 200k Daltons
100k Daltons nominal cut-off / PVDF

Number of membranes per modules 37/19 pcs
Module length 3.66/3.05 m
Filtration surface 120-500 m2
pH range 1.5 – 10.5
Permeate tank 1500 l
Temperature range 50 – 55 C
Operating pressure up to 7 bar
Seals    EPDM
Connected power(3x400, 50Hz) 65-125 kW
Materials stainless Steel AISI 304/316
PLC Siemens Simatic S7, WinCC


  • Maximum productivity and excellent juice quality
  • High reliability and low maintenance due to used intermediate flange connections
  • Highly efficient CIP system
  • Modular structure, high efficiency in a small space
  • Fully automatic control system with WinCC visualization
  • Convenient maintenance and low susceptibility to faults
  • Turnkey delivery incl. assembly of all process tanks and measurement peripheries

All filtration processes are managed by a PLC based on Siemens Simatic S7-300 and  controlled by a 17” touch  panel with WinCC visualization.

PCI Membranes A19/A37  tubular ultrafiltration membrane systems incorporates a robust, low cost stainless steel module together with a choice of tubular UF and MF membranes. The innovative removable core design (RCM) permits simple, rapid and inexpensive membrane replacement. Modules are offered in two lengths (3,05m & 3,66m) each housing 19 or 37 membranes cast in epoxy resin at each end. The modules are manufactured with materials compliant with FDA,  CFR21  and  EU  regulations.

The UF XL is a fully automatic cross-flow juice ultrafiltration system based on batch system. The ultrafiltration membrane system consists of 3 process tanks: batch tank (retentate), clear juice tank (permeate) and process water tank. Cloudy depectinized juice is pumped into the batch tank. A highly efficient centrifugal pump pumps the cloudy  juice at a high rate through the membrane modules. In this process, a thin and homogenous coat is formed on the membrane surface. A portion of the fluid penetrates the membranes and is pumped as the finished product (permeate) into the permeate vessel. The retentate is condensed automatically at cyclic intervals in the batch tank until it reaches a maximum concentration. As soon as the maximum concentration of solids is reached, the retentate can undergo diafiltration to maximize the product yield.

XL Ultrafiltration system_B&P Engineering
XL Ultrafiltration system_B&P Engineering
Complete lines for production of juices and concentrates
Complete lines for production of juices and concentrates
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