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Roll feeders

Roll feeders

Used in food industry drive roller tables manufactured by B&P Engineering are a great solution ensuring effective transport of raw material.

Their simple design enables also sorting, separating dirt and washing the raw material during transport.


Length 4 - 6 running metres
Roller diameter   88,9 mm
Clearance 12 mm
Machine working width         up to 1000 mm
Drive motor power up to 4,0 kW
Capacity up to 50 m3/h
Washer    high pressure or ordinary nozzles, circulating water filtering system

B&P Engineering manufactures roller feeders according to individual customer needs and requirements. The most commonly used transport unit:

  • Drive roller tables
  • Gravitational roller tables

A gear motor drives a drive shaft which transfers the drive force to a cogwheel and a chain to which roller axles are attached. Chain movement makes the rollers rotate around their own axis and roll on raceways made of an abrasion-resistant plastic material. The raw material fed to the roller belt is rotated around its own axis and transported. Impurities are separated by slots between the rollers and fall down into a drain tub. From the drain tub, they are flushed away to a waste storage by a washing system. When a washer is installed, the raw material is also cleaned thoroughly.

  • Rust-proof chain and rollers with arc bearing
  • Support structure
  • Raceway
  • Drive shaft
  • Driven tension shaft
  • Drain tub with sprinklers washing dirt off the walls
  • Option – pressure washer
  • Option – double chain wheel
Complete lines for production of juices and concentrates
Complete lines for production of juices and concentrates
Roll feeder
Roll feeder
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