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Tubular heat exchangers (pulp pipe heaters)

Tubular heat exchangers (pulp pipe heaters)

The B&P pipe heat exchangers are particularly suited to the thermal treatment of products with a high viscosity range as well as products containing solids or fibrous products (fruit pulp).



Efficiency 3 to 60 t/h
Heating system steam – water (Δ t) max. temperature increase  Δ 25-85ºC
Circulating pump 3-7 kW
Steam pressure up to 4 bar
Air pressure 6-8 bar
Steam consumption  approx. 2 t/h (apple mash: 30t/h, Δ 20ºC, at 2 bar)
Dimensions (30 t/h system) approx. 8x0.9x2.6 m


stainless steel AISI 304/optional AISI 316 L

They are used in heating or cooling systems in processing industry.

Insulation: mineral wool, Armaflex, insulation plates (full insulation)

  • Gentle heating of the product
  • High efficiency
  • Low space requirements
  • Convenient maintenance
  • Heat exchanger with double pipe system
  • Hot water station
  • Hot water circulating pump
  • Piping material
  • Steam control valve
  • Safety valve
  • Control cabinet with integrated control system

The B&P pipe heat exchanger is a pipe-in-pipe system. The operating medium – hot water – is prepared in a hot water pre-heater by the means of steam. A circulating pump is used to pump it into the external pipe of the exchanger. The product flows in the opposite direction through the internal pipe of the heat exchanger module and is heated up to the set temperature by hot water. Once the water has dissipated its heat, it flows back to the circulating pump to be reheated.

Complete lines for production of juices and concentrates
Complete lines for production of juices and concentrates
Pipe Heat Exchanger, pulp pipe heater
Pipe Heat Exchanger, pulp pipe heater
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