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Wet discharge/unloading

Wet discharge/unloading

The wet unloading system is used for unloading and transport of raw materials to the preproduction storage.

A series of devices and installations transport the materials from the unloading point to the storage silos via navigable channels.

The system for manual setting of the raw materials and the water sorter allows a free choice of silo to which the fruits are to be delivered, and enabling the comprehensive and even filling of the chambers. The system enables the simultaneous separation of water from the raw material. The water separated from the hydrotransport system is passed to the drum catcher to remove impurities.

This solution is a closed cycle system the water transport of raw materials that will continue for a specified period of time.

  • Simple operation
  • High performance
  • Reliability
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Cannon for unloading apples from vehicles - mounted on the structure at a height of about 4 m above the unloading ramp, controlled automatically from the operator's room, enables flushing (unloading) of raw material from the vehicle using a water stream, produced by a centrifugal pump that is located in the circulating water channel of the hydrotransport system. The raw material is flushed into a chute connected to a bucket conveyor container.
  • Operator's room for operating the cannon and the system for flushing raw materials - is equipped with the electro-pneumatic panel with the possibility of switching and controlling equipment for unloading and transporting apples.
  • Bucket conveyor for transport of raw material from the unloading chute to the navigable channel - designed as a belt conveyor with openwork buckets attached to the belt. Openwork buckets are used for vertical transport of raw material and separating the water from it. The belt is driven by a motor reducer with the option to adjust the belt speed (capacity regulation) using a frequency inverter.
  • Navigable channel with sorters - made of AISI 304 chromium-nickel steel, used to transport apples from the bucket conveyor to the silo, equipped with a system of vents that direct the raw material to particular silos. The self-closing flap construction ensures its sealing in the event of closure. Each sorter is equipped with a grate that drains the water back to the hydrotransport system. The dried apples fall into the silo.
  • Buffer tank for circulating water- A tank of a capacity to match the needs of the installation, used to buffer the supply of water for the hydrotransport system. Material: AISI 304
  • Arched filters - Slotted arched filters are used for the initial cleaning of the circulating water in the hydrotransport system. Each filter is responsible for one water cycle.

           Material: AISI 304

           Capacity dependent on the needs of the installation
  • Pneumatic control panel- The panel is located in the operator's room, and is equipped with actuators for the control of equipment in the unloading and hydrotransport lines. The panel is made of AISI 304 chromium-nickel steel and has an appropriate level of IP protection against environmental influences.
Complete lines for production of juices and concentrates
Complete lines for production of juices and concentrates
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