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Piping systems

Piping systems

Piping system offered by B&P Engineering corresponds to the newest technical solutions in this field.

A basis for each good piping system is planning. At the planning stage, all the requirements, guidelines and conditions are taken into account for a production-assembly plan. This stage is critical for the subsequent practicability of the device in terms of its servicing, maintenance and washing. Then, the plan in implemented. It must be emphasised here that the technical performance of our pipelayer systems is in compliance with the newest technical solutions.

Pipe supports are made of chromium-nickel steel profiles. They are fitted with a distance mandrel in order to eliminate the unnecessary local soiling.

Pipes are made completely of chromium-nickel steel, welded, formed with argon and etched.

Wiring of the devices supplied will be performed professionally by B&P Engineering electricians and it applies to internal electric and pneumatic connections in the devices. These are all types of connections (drives, inputs, outputs 4...20 mA, all other control signals and Profibus network – evaporative station and ultrafiltration station).

As far as pneumatics is concerned, these are mainly connections from electric valves in supply and control cabinets to pneumatic drives of flap valves and regulation valves. For performing the above mentioned electric connections we use high quality flexible cables YstY for connecting drives and controls and LiYCY (screen type) for control signals and drives with frequency converters.

We perform the piping of facilities and electric and pneumatic wiring, as well as assembly and training.

Scope of delivery and assembly:

  • support structures for installing the pipelines in production halls, main row of pipelines is suspended on the bearing beams of the storage hall.
  • pulp pipelines DN150 from the mill to pulp tanks equipped with manual valves
  • supply and return pipelines DN50 CIP equipped with manual flap valves
  • pipeline DN200 collecting pulp tanks equipped with automatic gates
  • pulp pipeline DN150 supplying presses
  • pipelines DN50 and DN80 supplying concentrate averaging tanks
  • pipelines DN50 of technological water in the production hall equipped with flap valves and ball valves
  • product pipeline in de-pectinisation  tanks, fresh juice and clear juice DN50, DN65 equipped with required fittings (manual flap valves, return valves, pipe inspection ports, etc.).
  • pipelines DN50 from UF to clear juice tanks
  • pipelines DN50 supplying evaporative station with fresh and clear juice
  • pipelines with clarifying agents in de-pectinisation tanks DN25 and DN40
  • pipelines with compressed air in the production hall DN40 and DN25
  • steam pipelines in the production hall DN100, DN80, DN50, DN25
  • pipelines in presses (steam, extraction water, network water, fresh juice, post-washing sewage)
  • storage pipelines

Examples of specifications for the performance and installation of pipelines for producers of fruit juice and concentrates.

Process pipelines in the storage plant:

  • pipelines for distribution panels in the storage plant equipped with manual flap valves
  • steam pipelines insulated with mineral wool with brightened steel covering 1.4301, equipped with poppet valves
  • air pipeline with manual ball valves from pasteurisator to distribution panels in the storage plant with manual ball valves
  • product pipeline from distribution panels to averaging tank with manual flap valves
  • CIP pipelines (supply and return) in the storage plant with manual flap valves
  • bearing structures for settling the pipelines made from closed profiles 1.4301 in the storage plant

All the pipelines are equipped with required fittings (flap valves, screw unions, bends, T-pipes and assembly handles).

Complete lines for production of juices and concentrates
Complete lines for production of juices and concentrates
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