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Tank sterilizer

Tank sterilizer

Air sterilizer is a filtration unit used for sterilization of the aseptic tanks.

These systems are used in the fruit juice, milk and pharmaceutical industries.

For new tanks we offer sterile air units, which are matched by parameters to the size of tanks. 
We manufacture units as stationary or mobile equipment.
The solutions applied by us maximally shorten the time of servicing, enabling sterilization of two tanks at the same time. 


Efficiency range up to 500 m/h
Material AISI 304 / 316L


  • High efficiency
  • Each system can be delivered as a mobile mono-block 
  • User-friendly
  • Low space requirements

Aseptic tanks are filled with hot steam for sterilisation. Once the steam supply stage of the process finishes, the steam must be ejected from the tank using cold sterile air in order to prevent the tank from collapsing as a result of negative pressure. Without the cold blowing process, the steam inside the tank would quickly condense on the cold tank walls and the tank would be crushed like a paper bag. This process is known as “vacuum collapse”, and is caused by the fact that the volume of hot steam is approx. 1,700 times greater than that of the water from which it is produced. Our cold blowing unit quickly removes steam using sterile air and so safely prevents vacuum collapse.

Another task of the system is to filter the steam and the sterile air. The steam must not carry any rust-inducing particles, while the air must be kept free from fungi, yeasts, bacteria and other micro-organisms. For this reason, the steam is filtered with a 10-100 μm filter mesh and the sterile air with an approx. 0.2 μm filter mesh. The B&P Engineering unit can be used with two tanks at the same time. One tank is sterilised with hot steam, while the other one is undergoing the cold blowing process.

Complete lines for production of juices and concentrates
Complete lines for production of juices and concentrates
The sterilisation unit for tanks (cold blowing unit)
The sterilisation unit for tanks (cold blowing unit)
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