ADS XL Adsorber is a technologically advanced, modern device designed for concentrate manufacturers, the use of which increases the competitiveness of their offer.

B&P Engineering is a market leader and one of the most recognizable brands in the domestic and foreign markets among manufacturers of complete technological lines and machines and devices for the juice industry.

New product

The company systematically broadens the range of its products, and the new products and innovative solutions it offers are a response to the needs of the modern market. Recently, the company's offer has been enriched with another technologically advanced device, the ADS XL ADSORBER .

Industry experience

Extensive knowledge and extremely wide experience in the production of equipment dedicated to the juice industry have allowed the engineers and automation specialists of B&P Engineering to develop a design and create a technologically advanced device with innovative solutions in its control system. "Our ADS XL Adsorber has been designed to be reliable, optimized for processing efficiency and in compliance with the latest technical standards," assures Piotr Bieniasz, project manager. "The device is characterized by a reliable construction made of high quality components, as well as easy operation and high product safety."

Stabilization and conditioning

The ADS XL Adsorber is designed for stabilization and conditioning of fruit concentrates. Main components: adsorption columns, regeneration module, valve island with control cabinet, operating platform and pipe fittings with necessary control and measurement equipment.

Work automation and performance options

"We applied several important solutions which have significantly optimized the adsorber's operation," explains Piotr Bieniasz. "The device is controlled automatically using a built-in advanced controller. All electronic components as well as pneumatic controlling elements have been enclosed in a control cabinet located on the frame of the valve island. The control panel (upon the customer's request) can be mounted in any other place, e.g. in the operator's room. Moreover, our adsorber can be equipped with peripheral accessories, such as a water heating system, feed pumps, a chemical dosing system, and peripheral tanks with control and measurement equipment."

For demanding customers

The ADS XL Adsorber is the perfect technological solution required in the process of the production of juices and concentrates meeting the highest quality requirements.
 "The ultrafiltration process used in the production of juices and concentrates does not guarantee a product of optimal parameters, such as the required standardization of its colour," explains Piotr Bieniasz. "It also does not ensure the long-term stability of the product. The ADS XL Adsorber is a guarantee for obtaining the best parameters, including the above mentioned colour standardization, as well as for maintaining the appropriate product quality characteristics."

Figure 1 shows the concentrated 19 Brix juice before the adsorption process, while Figure 2 represents the 19 Brix concentrate leaving the adsorber.

Apart from colour standardization of the concentrate, the adsorption process also has a significant impact on the long-term stability of the concentrate (preventing gushing). As a result, such a concentrate is more attractive to the consumer.

Modular structure

The adsorber's modular structure allows the arrangement of its individual sections to be adapted to the parameters of the room that the manufacturer has.

Production safety and continuity

The use of mixproof valves of the highest quality ensures product safety and enables simultaneous production and regeneration of the adsorption bed. Moreover, our adsorber offers the possibility to work in serial or parallel mode, depending on the desired performance and final product parameters. It ensures production continuity and allows for the best use of the manufacturer's processing potential.

Always available

Together with its new ADS XL ADSORBER, B&P Engineering also offers professional and fast service as well as constant access to spare parts and consumables.

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