The MONA System is a patented, compact appliance for the hygienic filtration process during which Alicyclobacillus (ACB) spores are eliminated from the concentrate.

The design of the MONA system provides positive pressure difference both in the regeneration section and the cooling section, which nowadays is a required standard for food safety. 

  • The MONA System ensures the capacity of approx. 8 t/h at the filtration temperature of 80°C.
  • It allows you to eliminate the ACB bacteria and to improve the quality of concentrated juices, the quality of which has deteriorated as a result of storage.
  • Depending on the product quality, you can filter up to 300 t of concentrated juice with one set of filtration plates.
  • You can also pasteurize the concentrated juice and cool it before shipment.

Technical data:

  • capacity: up to 8 t/h  
  • filtration area: 50 m2
  • control system: Simatic S-7
  • steam consumption: ca. 300 kg/h
  • steam pressure: 5 bar
  • material: AISI 304 / optionally AISI 316L


The principle of operation of the MONA System is based on three processes: Preheating, Filtration, Cooling down. 


  • Preheating:

The concentrate stored in the storage is of high viscosity, which prevents the filtration from being effective. In order to allow filtration, its viscosity shall be reduced - this effect is achieved by rising the temperature in the heat exchanger and the regeneration section of the exchanger to the temperature set by the user (temperature range within 60-90°C).

Alternatively, it can be retained for 30 seconds as a minimum at the desired temperature in the retention section.

  • Filtration:

Filtration of preheated concentrate takes place on a two-piece plate filter.

  • In the first section, there is prefiltration which eliminates larger impurities.
  • Meanwhile, in the second sterile filtration, product is ensured with the complete elimination of microorganisms, including ACB spores.

The juice after filtration process is a completely sterile product.

For our systems we recommend you to use the cardboard filters manufactured by the company Eaton.  

  • Cooling down:

The sterile juice goes to the regeneration section of the heat exchanger, where it partially gives back the heat absorbed and then it is cooled to the set temperature on the cooling section in the heat exchanger.

It is also possible to cool the product to a lower temperature than the temperature at inlet.

The structure of the appliance provides positive pressure differential within the regeneration and cooling section. Nowadays, it is the required standard which ensures food safety. 

MONA System operation has been simplified to the maximum extent possible. It is divided into two stages: washing and production.


The operator selects the appropriate cleaning program, e.g. complete cleaning with acid and alkaline (or alkaline exclusively) according to the preset cleaning formula. 

The MONA System can be connected to existing CIP installation in the factory or configured to perform a separate cleaning procedure. 

It is possible to extend the cleaning program by chemical disinfection.

After each cleaning step, a detailed report is available that can be saved to a pdf file or printed and used as a Quality Management System report.

The operator can start the production once the washing process has been completed. At that point, the operator selects the program and after pressing the "start" button the system fills with water and the thermal disinfection starts automatically.

Water in closed circuit is heated up to the set temperature (usually about 125°C) and after the specified time (e.g. 30 minutes), the appliance is sterile and ready for the product intake.

Parallel to thermal disinfection, the operator performs sterilization of the filtration section. After disinfection (central processing unit and filtration section), the system allows for further processing, i.e. product delivery and filtration.

The operator launches filtration. The device is filled with the product, the water is removed from the system. The MONA System automatically separates the mixed phase from the water. During filtration, the system maintains the correct pressure difference on the sterile filtration section, ensuring the effectiveness of the process. 

Important process parameters are monitored and archived by the system.

At the end of the production process, it is possible to generate a report, or at any given time, display the parameters on the panel as a graph. 

System MONA is the only effective way to eliminate ACB. Stand-alone appliance enabling processing at any time. Does not require long operator training and the control interface is intuitive.

Ensures that the product is safe and constantly monitored throughout the entire process. Optimum use of filter plates thanks to particular algorithm

Device that provides low unit cost of filtration. The estimated costs of the filtration of one ton of concentrated juice vary between 6,25 - 7,5 Euro. 


System MONA it’s an appliance ensuring consistent high quality and documentation of data archiving.

In the last 4 years our MONA system was delivered to the leading manufacturers of concentrated juices located both in Poland and abroad. The supplied appliance is always properly adjusted to the individual needs of the end user. 

We should go ahead, eliminate the dangers and become more competitive.


That’s why we encourage you to contact us for more information.