The hydraulic presses IPS 5.000, 10.000 and 15.000 enable the effective extraction of juice made from various fruits – hard fruits such as apples, pears and from soft fruits and vegetables.

The solid press structure and built-in components from the world’s leading manufacturers enable B&P Engineering to build presses with one of the highest capacity and yield among the similar appliances available in the market. 

The IPS-press is an appliance controlled by a sophisticated control system.  


Below you can find new functionalities and the most important changes in the control system of the hydraulic IPS-presses.   

As a result of the steady development and improvement of IPS-presses in 2017 we implemented the control system of the fourth generation which brings many improvements for the press operator and person responsible for overseeing the operation of the complete production line.  


The control system of the IPS-press is based on the PLC Simatic S7-300 controller made by Siemens. The interaction with the system takes place through the 15 inch touchscreen Siemens Comfort. The touchscreen is mounted on the swing arm in order to ensure operator’s safety and make the operation of the press much easier.  


  • Simple and intuitive control

In order to ensure the easiest possible operation, control of the pressing unit was divided into the following stages:

- Filling

- Pressing

- Extraction

- Discharge of pomace


Operation of the interface takes place through big buttons on the touch screen that facilitate operator’s work when entering the data. 

  • Functions enabling non-standard operations without tampering with the recipe  - no need to leave the main page 

The control system allows the experienced operator to adjust the process parameters in order to level the results of the arisen anomalies in the pulp feed or to plan the end of production without changing the contents of the recipe. 

  • Simple, animated hydraulic diagram 

Information presented on the animated diagram of the IPS-hydraulic press allows immediate diagnostics some of potential errors of the system and quick performing of maintenance activities, keeping the downtime of the appliance as short as possible.

  • Technological layout of the pressing unit with control functions
  • Intuitive and easy operation
  • Automatic operation of the pressing unit
  • Self-optimizing process control system depending on the pulp quality
  • All the necessary data on one screen
  • Quick access to key parameters of the pressing unit operation
  • High resolution touch screen 

  • User accounts defined by the client 

It is possible to configure users by their surnames and assigning them appropriate authorizations.

It guarantees production safety and prevents unauthorized persons from accessing the functions of control system which is significant for the production process.

Information on the activities carried out in the pressing unit and the production history are archived together with the account name of the logged user.

  • Recording of control activities 

The system records every activity, together with its date, time and user’s login. It facilitates identification of all the changes made in the pressing unit’s operation process. 

  • Predefined production recipes

The system has got production recipes for different fruit and vegetables defined.

The database of recipes is divided into:

  • non-editable (default) provided by B&P Engineering
  • editable User’s recipes 

The operator with appropriate level of authorization has the possibility of editing the recipes.

  • Cleaning according to the recipes 
  1. Cleaning of the pressing unit can take place according to the defined recipes or according to the parameters entered by the operator.
  2. A possibility of repeating particular stages has been introduced in order to improve the effectiveness of cleaning of e.g. at dried-up drain without using excessive amount of chemical agents.
  3. Cleaning was divided into particular stages presented on the screen, with the possibility of quick edition of the parameters.
  4. There is the possibility of cleaning the juice line when emptying the pressing unit of the cleaning medium. 

  • Service inspections with automatic display of the activity description 

The control system informs about the necessity of carrying out preventive maintenance, servicing activities and requires confirmation of their performance.

  • Easy access to entries in the production history 

Analysis of the archive parameters of the pressing unit’s operation enables constant improvement of the efficiency of subsequent production batches.

  • Automatic sending of e-mail messages according to the defined events

The person supervising the work of operators can receive to the given address e-mail alerts regarding the events connected with the current operation of the pressing unit and the state of completion of maintenance activities.

Example of the alert contents:

Notification from IPS1000 pressing unit

Station no. 1: on 2017-06-26 at 13:43 a batch with too low yield, amounting to 81,3%, was reported.

Recipe: Apple1 – database of user’s recipes

Operator: John Smith

  • The possibility of selecting different juice line for particular pressing stages 

The IPS pressing unit control system makes it possible to change the juice line after reaching a specified % of yield. It allows to separate better quality juice to a different tank.

  • The amount of water for extraction expressed in % – stabilization of Brix pomace 

The system allows maximizing the efficiency of the pomace extraction stage due to the possibility of giving in percentage the amount of the water used compared to the amount of the pressings.

The Brix level of pomace has been stabilized in this way and it does not depend so significantly on the homogeneity of the pulp.

  • Handy user’s guide

The operator receives a clear instruction manual of the pressing unit in paper and electronic version.

The electronic version is available in the operator’s panel. It enables the operator to access it quickly when carrying out the maintenance activities.

B&P Engineering specialists are always available via the phone providing 24-hour support and immediate reaction if the situation requires it.

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