The tanks manufactured by B&P Engineering are synonymous with the highest quality, modernity and advanced technology.

They are also the result of many years of extremely rich experience supported by a solid technical background and excellent professional competence. - Our tanks are a guarantee of exceptional durability and reliability – assures the management of the company. 

B&P Engineering is a brand known and respected around the world today, and its clients include leaders in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics industries. A special place in the rich offer of the company are tanks made of high grade stainless steel (stainless, as well as acid-resistant and their derivatives).

“We offer tanks made according to our own company designs, as well as we execute individual orders, according to the provided documentation and consultation with the client - subcontracting services (stainless steel tank fabrication and custom manufacturing of process equipment

Each of our products is manufactured using modern production technologies. We have a technologically advanced machine park, which allows us to carry out virtually any order.

Not only do we design and manufacture, but also offer full warranty and post-warranty service.” 

Tanks manufactured by the company...

... travel a long way before they reach the customer. This path begins in the designers’ offices, where solutions that relate to the visions outlined by customers are initially analyzed. 

- It is in the minds of our designers that ideas are born to combine practical application with aesthetic care in a harmonious whole – Then these visions are developed on computer screens, where the design is visualized. After leaving the virtual world, the finished project is transferred to production halls, where B&P Engineering tanks are built.

Top-of-the-line technology...

            - We use the most modern production technologies and the highest quality stainless steel, thanks to which our tanks are characterized by precision and very high quality of workmanship, as well as reliability and exceptional durability.

Our tanks perform well under the harshest operating conditions. In addition to a quality product, we also provide full documentation, transportation, installation and service. We guarantee the highest quality of service.

B&P Engineering offers a wide range of products for all types of tanks. Our product range includes reactors, mixers, process tanks, depectinization tanks, mash tanks, tanks for storage of aseptic materials, with conical and spherical bottom as well as flat-bottomed tanks with capacities up to 1 million litres. When selecting a material, we pay attention to its properties, taking care to match the appropriate raw material to the specific purpose of the structure. We also take into account the conditions under which the tank will be operated.


In 2020, we put into operation Europe’s most modern production hall with a size of 5 thousand square meters and a height of 40m, equipped with lines for automated production of large-size tanks with a diameter of 2 to 4 meters and a height of up to 27 meters.

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