Since the beginning of its existence, B&P Engineering has actively participated in the life of the local community by supporting social organizations, sports clubs, schools and kindergartens.

Recently, the company purchased interactive teaching aids, which were then passed on to pre-schoolers from the City and Commune Kindergarten in Kańczuga.

Since 1 September 2016, the Ministry of National Education has introduced to Polish schools a pilot curriculum for programming, which eventually also covered kindergartens. Programming and computer technology, as one of the fastest developing areas, enters various spheres of life. At a staggering pace, computers and other multimedia devices are growing in number and are increasingly affecting our lives. It is becoming increasingly difficult to imagine learning or even having fun without their support. Therefore, the vast majority of educational institutions, even at preschool age, try to make children interested in programming and information and communication technologies.

Education through play...

-“A folk saying reads that it is never too late to learn," says Bożena Krupa, the director of the City and Commune Kindergarten in Kańczuga. "Today we know that it is never too early, either. Programming can be successfully taught to children aged 3-4 years. It turns out that the younger the child, the faster he or she assimilates knowledge. Of course, teaching methods and tools must be adapted to the age of the child. One of the main forms of pre-schoolers’ activity is play, so the teachers from our kindergarten have included games into their didactic activities to introduce children to the world of coding. Kindergarteners play sudoku or set towers according to a predefined code. In turn, six-year-old children learn coding during classes using the Dash robot, a small robot to learn programming. They use "coloured codes" to program tasks that are then performed by the Dash robot.

Classes with Dash...

Recently, the education of pre-schoolers from Kańczuga has been supported by Dash, a super educational robot that introduces children to the fascinating world of programming through play. Thanks to numerous sensors, this intelligent toy reacts to voice, moves and makes various sounds, all from the level of several applications to choose from. - We keep up to date with all the technical novelties supporting kindergarten education," assures Bożena Krupa. "During this year's Kindergarten Education Forum, the organizers presented Dash to the participants. I must admit that I liked the robot, especially its capabilities. I wanted to buy it for our institution even more. Unfortunately, the cost of its purchase exceeded our limited possibilities. Fortunately, we have friends we can always count on, and I mean here the Przeworsk company B&P Engineering. We made a strong appeal for help with the purchase of Dash and the response from the management of the company was almost immediate. Today, our pre-schoolers can not only play with this extremely intelligent robot, but also learn the basics of programming, as well as modern technologies and the possibility of using them for purposes other than entertainment. We owe all this to the members of the Management Board of B&P Engineering, to whom I would like to express my sincere gratitude both on my own behalf and on behalf of my colleagues as well as on behalf of our pupils. 


It's not the first time...

...when B&P Engineering gets involved in helping the kindergarten in Kańczuga. In June this year the management of this institution made a strong appeal for help in equipping the playground functioning there, which we informed about in the previous issue of our periodical. The Board not only financially supported the kindergarten initiative, but also prepared surprises for the pre-schoolers. During the family picnic organized on the premises of the facility, a representative of B&P Engineering gave all children small gifts, including reflective bands.

- We are well aware of the problems faced by school and kindergarten principals," says Peter Bauer, the owner of B&P Engineering. "In fact, there is not a week when a facility does not turn to us for material or financial support. We very much appreciate all interesting initiatives, especially those that motivate children to develop their strengths and talents. Therefore, as far as possible, we try to help all those who have a special interest in children and who feel responsible for future generations.