At the beginning of September this year, the Nosalowy Dwór hotel, situated in the very heart of the Polish Tatra mountains, hosted participants of a seminar for specialists and technologists in the juice industry, which was organised by PGD Sp. z o.o., and co-organised sponsored by B&P Engineering.

Organised with the participation of our company, the seminar was the first of its kind for a long time after the break caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and was met with great interest from executives of key companies in the sector, producers and processors, researchers, laboratory staff and representatives of distribution and trade.

The event was also an excellent opportunity to share experiences as well as to present own research results and discuss. 

A delegation of six representatives from B&P Engineering took care to distribute materials and information about our new product, the ADS XL Adsorber.

During the first panel, the representative of AB Enzymes GmBH thoroughly presented the topic of production of enzyme preparations and their role in fruit and vegetable processing. The next lecture was given by Piotr Bieniasz from B&P Engineering, who presented the company's latest product dedicated to the juice industry, the Adsorber ADS XL – a device used to stabilise and condition concentrate and juice. 

In a presentation entitled: "Colour standardisation and long-term concentrate stability – Adsorber ADS XL", he provided detailed information on the functionality, operating principle and advantages of the Adsorber.

The presentation met with a great interest and stimulated a lively discussion. The presentation is available online in our website: "Standardization of colour and long-term stability of the concentrate – ADS XL Adsorber

There was also a lot of interest in the presentation by a representative of PCI Membranes on the topic of membrane thickening of apple juice before evaporation stations.

In the following phase, both speakers and panellists shared their knowledge, insights and vision for the future of the juice industry. The event participants had a perfect platform for industry and business meetings. They could also take part in workshops and panel discussions with experts. They also had the opportunity to listen to numerous lectures given by representatives of renowned companies, such as: Algerchem GmbH, Optiflow, Vega Polska, BiBP, Pro-Environment, Kersia Group, Best-Systemy Grzewcze or PSMC. A lecture by Dr. Bartłomiej Koźniewski, an expert of the Polish Federation of Engineering Associations and a member of the Polish Chemical Society, entitled "The whole world in (infra)red – or how to avoid some physicochemical tests" aroused a considerable interest.

The culmination of a day rich in events was an excursion during which the seminar participants visited, among other things, the Museum of Oscypek cheese in Zakopane.

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