In the period between 2017-2020, we delivered more than a dozen multi-stage falling film evaporators and hybrid stations that carry out the processes of concentrating: juices, juice syrup and oat syrup.

The experience that we gained during the implementation of each project allowed us to improve the design and extend the functionality of the control system. Evaporation stations delivered to customers in Europe are characterized by modern design and use of state-of-the-art solutions in the field of control and measurement equipment and energy-saving pumps. Evaporators offered by B&P Engineering can have efficiency from 3.000 to 56.000 litres per hour of raw material feed rate and are equipped with a power control and limitation system. 

Evaporators are equipped with a power control and limitation system.

Our evaporators can operate within a range of two capacities:

  • up to 40% of nominal feed rate
  • 60% to 100% of nominal feed rate


The evaporator station with a capacity of 40,000 liters per hour of juice inflow can operate at:

  • up to 16,000 of nominal feed rate
  • 16.000 do 40.000 of nominal feed rate

The advantages that result from the use of a power control and limitation system are:

  • stepless capacity adjustment as part of each operating mode
  • processing capacity adjusted to current potentials and availability of raw materials
  • switching the operating mode is ensured automatically without mechanical intervention by the operator

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