We are pleased to announce that we have just expanded our offer for subcontracting services. Right now, You can make in our company Electropolishing services.

The electropolishing process details meade of stainless steel is performed in large tubs with 4,3 m3 capacity each. Thanks to the specially designed “racks” and one additional electrode we are able to electropolish various parts of complex external and internal shape. We take advantage of specific chemicals and ecological solutions that is why the whole surface treatment process is carried out safely and lets you save your money.

Electropolishing service we can make for pieces with the maximum dimensions as shown in the table below:

length 2,3 m
width 1,5 m
height 1,6 m
weight 5 t


More information about the range of subcontracting services perform in our company you will find here: www.subcontracting-bp.co.uk.