The flood that occurred at the end of June in the Podkarpackie Voivodeship, southern Poland, wreaked enormous havoc. Many towns in the region were almost completely underwater.

Seeing the dramatic property loss suffered by the people in the areas affected, B&P Engineering decided to assist in helping the victims of this destructive phenomenon.

Even the oldest inhabitants of the Jawornik Polski municipality have never seen such a catastrophic flood. Violent storms accompanied by heavy downpours swept across the region in the last weekend of June. Flash floods appeared in some areas, with the inhabitants of Jawornik Polski being particularly hard hit as a result. A massive flood wave engulfed many roads, fields, rivers and streams. It obliterated everything in its path, including houses, farm buildings, roads, bridges, and railway tracks. Only those who had a chance to move their possessions to higher ground managed to save some of them, but such cases were rare. The village of Hadle Szklarskie was the most affected area, as two different flood waves converged on it. Other villages which suffered major damage include Hadle Kańczuckie, Manasterz and Zagórz, where a total of about 100 farms were flooded. Many others had no water and electricity. Experts have warned that the villages will be struggling to recover from the damage caused by the flood for many years to come.


Working with others to bring relief...

Many companies, institutions and social organisations began organising efforts to help the people in these areas as soon as the news about the disaster appeared. Of course, B&P Engineering was among them as well. In response to a call by Andrzej Łopata, president of the ‘Tradycyjna Zagroda’ foundation, our company donated PCs and other household appliances to the most affected families who lost nearly all their life’s work in an instant.

The campaign was supported by the NEONET store in Przeworsk as well. Its employees’ commitment allowed us to obtain additional equipment and help even more victims.


“As a socially responsible company, we participate in various actions to support the local community,” the management of B&P Engineering stated. “We could not remain indifferent to the suffering of the people of Jawornik Polski who were so strongly affected by the flood.