We are pleased to inform you that our company fulfils the requirements included in the standard ISO 31000.

The certificate is the confirmation that the company B&P Engineering actively implements the principles and guidelines of ISO 31000 relating to the Risk Management which enables us to:

  • Identify, evaluate and react to opportunities and threats  
  • Improve our operational efficiency through proactive risk management
  • Improve loss prevention
  • Apply an increased understanding of health, safety and environmental regulations 
  • Improve the resilience of our operation when faced with challenges of  any kind

The obtaining of the certificate is the result of our steady pursuing to boost the confidence among our customers as well as to improve our operational efficiency. 

The certificate applies to the following scope:  

Design, production and installation of processing lines for juices and concentrates and other similar machineries for different industries, machining and welding services; design and production of control cabinets including process visualisations.

The certificate has been issued by SGS Poland Sp. z o. o. Systems & Services Certification situated in Warsaw.

ISO 31000 Risk Management – Principles and Guidelines is a risk management standard designed to help large and small public and private organizations to effectively manage the risks associated with their operations. Effective risk management strategies can be applied to risks with both potentially positive and negative impacts on your business.

Source: www.sgs.pl