In the premises of B&P Engineering a new manufacturing facility has been completed – a modern peening chamber.

Since we plan to extend our manufacturing and service offer, the Company management decided to build a modern facility where large dimension stainless steel elements undergo a peening process.

The chamber covers the area of 50 m2 and it is adjusted to the processing of stainless steel elements with the approximate length of 9 m and the height and width over 3 m.

A specially designed system of introducing details into the working chamber enables the performance of a blast-abrasive process on details with the maximum weight of 9 t.

Owing to this investment our offer is even more competitive, innovative and attractive.

Peening process…

… is one of the methods of mechanical surface processing. It is performed in the chamber through directing jets with abrasive – glass and ceramic balls of various dimensions from 100 to 400 microns onto the detail. Depending on the parameters chosen (ball size and pressure) it is possible to obtain various surface roughness and a required visual effect – uniform colour and satin texture. Peening may also be an operation preparing the surface for applying layers. It is used for details processing of varied shapes, for instance, the elements of industrial devices and steel structures.

A peening chamber guarantees adequate technological (LED lighting, de-dusting), economic (costly abrasive recovery owing to the recirculation system) and environmental (through the use of filters de-dusting the air emitted) conditions. An operator can use all possible support and safety systems.

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