December, 19th this year turned out to be a very special day for the youngest patients of the Public Hospital in Przeworsk. In the early afternoon hours, the assistants of Santa Claus visited the children in order to spread the Christmas best wishes and to hand over wonderful gifts to the children staying there under medical treatment.

The B&P Engineering employees: Natalia Brzeźniak, Michał Powroźnik, Marcin Rykała, and Henryk Majcher, assumed the role of assistants of the distinguished Bishop of Mira

Definitelly none of us would like to spend December time before Christmas in the hospital. However, life sometimes surprises us with different scenarios and puts us in difficult situations. A child's stay in a hospital is undoubtedly very difficult moment in the life of the whole family. In such hard times, Santa's gift or a hristmas present cherries up their mood. The representatives of B&P Engineering, who visited the youngest patients of the Przeworsk hospital, went through this line of thought. During the visit, the assistants of Santa Claus gave each child a gift, and then they handed over a great bunch of wonderful toys to the hospital children's playroom. The room was filled with joy. Especially the department's staff was deeply touched and thanked gratefully for the donations. - I must admit that we did not expect such an unusual visit - said Zdzisława Kilar, the head of the pediatric department in Przeworsk. - Although we have friends who support us, yet nobody has given us such great gifts. We are very grateful to B&P Engineering for providing our playroom with such great toys. We also appreciate the excellent gifts, which for sure will make the children stay in the hospital more plesant. Once again, we would like to express our gratitude to B&P Engineering and we wish you every success in business. We hope that the bright moments spent tohether in the company of representatives of B&P Engineering have enabled little patients to forget about their daily struggles while being sick. During the visit on the children's faces often we could see wide smile, which was the greatest reward for us.

We wish the youngest, as well as other patients of the hospital in Przeworsk, a quick recovery, a lot of smile and patience in overcoming the sickness.