Improving the design of process equipment used to produce juices and concentrates using the example of the new generation IPS basket-piston press.


The IPS press was created as a result of the commercialization of the PPH PRO press prototype, developed under the research program "Development and implementation of the production of innovative horizontal hydraulic works used in the fruit and vegetable processing sector, implemented under Measure 1.1" R&D projects of enterprises ", Sub-measure 1.1.1 "Industrial research and development works carried out by enterprises" of the Intelligent Development Operational Program, 2014-2020.

"The IPS press makes it possible to effectively obtain juice from a variety of raw materials,
from hard fruits such as apples or pears, as well as from soft fruits, tropical fruits and vegetables."

At B&P Engineering, we are constantly optimising our internal production processes and improving and modernising the design of our manufactured equipment. The equipment and its functionalities offered by the company are a response to the needs of juice and concentrate producers. Close contact with users allows us to react quickly and implement the required changes and add new functionalities.

"We have applied several important solutions that have significantly optimised the operation of the press, 
explains Artur Kiełb - Head of Technology and Process Engineering."

Below are the most significant changes, resulting from experience and dialogue with customers, that we have implemented in the 2022 IPS IPS presses wch are being manufactured.

1. Relief of seals: acceleration of piston movement, linear velocity and thus increased efficiency.

  • we optimised the piston feed speed, which in turn reduced the so-called "batch time", i.e. shorter holding time of the product in the press. On the other hand, the precise manufacturing, as well as the correct fit of the piston to the cylinder and the use of top-quality seals significantly increase the durability of the device.

  • spare sockets for the pressure plate guides ensure longer service life of the mantle working surface.

2. Front and rear juice joints - an innovative solution - increasing the durability of press components.

  • the use of juice chambers in the thrust plate and pressure plate with systematic drainage of the juice allows maximum output, optimal pulp loosening, easier discharging and longer cylinder drive life (no cylinder stalling when the piston moves forward),

3.Integrated conductivity measurement system

  • improved cleaning system

  • reduction in the use of drains and cloths

  • extended service life.

4. Innovative extraction water dosing algorithm. In correlation with product intake, standardising the parameters of the pressed juice in terms of sugars and reducing the amount of water consumed.

  • the unit is equipped with a flow meter dedicated to measuring the flow of fruit pulp, a linear transducer inside the main cylinder to measure the position of the pressure plate and laser measurement of the mantle position.

"Thanks to its high-tech design, as well as the use of an innovative, intelligent control system, the newly developed press enables high quality NFC juices to be obtained and allows the maximum yield to be worked out by extracting the pressings multiple times in one working cycle."

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