At the beginning of this year, we have purchased an automated welding workstation.

Having conducted numerous comparative analyses, we have selected the CLOOS company, a reliable and experienced supplier of automated welding workstations.

The purchase of Qirox QRC 350, a new-generation welding robot, is undoubtedly a crucial step in the automation of B&P Engineering. It also constitutes a guarantee of the highest quality and precision of the products and sub-contracting services supplied by our company.

The robot itself is much more than an orange arm bending sideways to perform complex manoeuvers. The workstation also includes additional equipment, namely: two welding positioners, an MAG welder, a horizontal and vertical beam for expanding the operation field of the robot as well as a cleaning system for the welding torch. An advanced robot control system enables the movement of nine axes simultaneously and six axes within the robot’s arm.

The welding workstation is characterised by a unique combination of ergonomics, functionality and aesthetics. While one sector is performing a welding procedure, another sector can be dismantling finished welded details as well as assembling new elements. This reduces the idle operation time of the robot to movement between sectors, which takes as little as dozen or so seconds.