Located in Nowa Wieś near Rzeszow, the Blue Diamond Hotel hosted on May 16-17 the seminar for representatives of the juice industry, which was organized by Eaton Filtration Poland. The B&P Engineering was the co-organizer of this event.

The event played the inspirational role to many of invited guests, provided the relevant dose of knowledge and opportunity for business talks. The program of the first day of the seminar included numerous lectures and talks, as well as the participants could also visit areas, which they could have seen on the previously prepared presentation or short movies.

The knowledge shared during this year's seminar will significantly contribute to the dynamic development and broad innovation of companies in the juice industry (production of juices and concentrates).

During the second day of the seminar, the participants travelled to Przeworsk, where they visited the headquarters of the B&P Engineering. The guests were welcomed and then guided by the CEO Mr Tomasz Musiał.

The guests visited the production halls, the loading yard and were familiarized with various production stages of machinery and equipment for the production of juices and concentrates, and in particular with the currently manufactured columns of the evaporation station.