During the Prognosfruit 2021 apple crop forecast was released for this season.

The WORLD APPLE AND PEAR ASSOCIATION [WAPA] announced that it will be 10% higher than in w 2020 and it will be 11 735 000 tons. Polish crop is estimated to be 4 170 000 tons, which is 22% higher than in 2020. Forecasts are also high for: Hungary, Spain, Croatia and Portugal — by 49%, 28%, 18% and 12%, respectively.

The WAPA forecasts smaller increases for Germany (6%), France (3%) and Belgium (14%). There are also decreases in forecasts, the following countries have forecasts for smaller crops than in 2020: Slovenia (-59%), Greece (-28%), Denmark (-25%), Lithuania (-47%), Latvia (-14%) and Sweden (-16%). Apple production in the UK and Italy also decrease slightly, with -3% and -4% respectively.

At the beginning of the passing month, the largest number of apples was owned by Italy — 143,461 tons, Poland — 133,000 tons, France — 51,000 tons. In Poland this difference is as high as 122 thousand tons, in 2020 the stock of apples was only 11 thousand.

We invite producers of fruit concentrates to cooperate with us. We specialize in construction of complete technological lines and modern processing devices used in production of apple concentrates: ultrafiltration systems, pasteurizers, evaporation stations, hydraulic presses.

Full offer of equipment for the production of concentrates from apples and colored fruits: EQUIPMENT AND MACHINES FOR JUICE AND CONCENTRATE PRODUCTION

The new generation of IPS 10000 i-SiK pressing systems enables efficient extraction of juice from various raw materials: hard fruit such as apples, pears, soft fruit and tropical fruit and vegetables:

Data sheet of the IPS press (extracting pulp): here


• The piston feed speed has been optimised, which results in shorter batch times (the product is held in the press for lesser time)

• Long-term durability of the device has been achieved by precise manufacturing and fitting of the cylinder and piston as well as by using the highest class sealing

• Reliability of the pressing system has been significantly increased by the fact that the parts of the pressing mechanism are made of the highest quality of stainless steel alloys. • This facilitates cleanliness and increases the failure-free factor

• High quality filter sheaths and drains with a service life of more than 4,000 hours have been used

• The control system has a dedicated formula for the production of NFC juices with reduced batching time to a minimum

• The new generation of IPS press guarantees a quick service response and maintains a constant stock of spare parts and consumables to minimise the time needed to carry out necessary repairs.

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