There is nothing more beautiful in the world than a smile on a child's face.

The representatives of B&P Engineering know this well and on the eve of St. Nicholas' Day visited the residents of the Orphanage in Przeworsk. However, it was not an ordinary visit, because during the meeting with children, the employees of our company gave the institution TV and computers.

The visit to the Przeworsk educational institution was very pleasant. After a warm welcome, the children presented their reciting and vocal skills. Then they gave the guests gifts which had been prepared by themselves. - Of course, we couldn't be worse," says Marcin Rykała. "In return, we gave the children a TV set to the common room and 4 computers. The joy of the kids, as well as their guardians, had no limits. But that was not the end of the surprises we prepared for our little friends. In the next stage of the meeting, the teachers from the Przeworsk facility told us about the problems they face every day, as well as the expectations and needs of their children. We promised our support and we will certainly keep our word.

Immediate reaction....

The visit of our representatives to the Orphanage received wide publicity in the company. The next day, a charity action was initiated among the employees, whose aim is to help children from the Przeworsk educational institution.

         - The needs of this centre are enormous, and the budget is very limited - says Marcin Rykała - Hence the idea to invite the employees of our company to a campaign aimed at collecting necessary goods for the facility in Przeworsk. Currently, there are 12 children living there. The youngest of them is 3 years old, the oldest pupil is 20 years old. In the near future, the facility will receive another 2 children. Probably few of us know that the monthly rate for purchasing clothes for children staying there is only 80 PLN. Apart from clothes, there is also a need for chemical products and cleaning products, which are used in the centre in almost wholesale quantities, as well as household items, books and textbooks.

- Do we have to spend our remaining money on the Orphanage before Christmas - rhetorically asked Natalia Witek - Of course not. But if each of us contributed one small brick, we would be able to collect a lot! Are you able to buy one book? Great! Do you have an unused laundry dryer at home?

You can finally clean it up before Christmas. Do you love shopping? Choose one of the children and play to be his or her stylist. There are a lot of options, just a little bit of willingness! If you are willing to take part in such an action - contact the secretary, declare something you can buy or bring from your home, or make any donation, even a symbolic one. I am convinced that we can bring a little joy and hope into the lives of these little, innocent little beings. Together, we can make this Christmas look like the ones from an advertisement - a magical time of making wishes come true.