Is there anything more beautiful than a child’s smile? Definitely not! As Janusz Korczak used to say, “When a child is laughing, the whole world is laughing too. Even if it is full of fears and concerns.”

Santa Claus’ visit is undoubtedly one of the most expected events of the year. All children can’t wait for this very special guest with impressive beard, in a pompom hat, with a huge bag of presents and a bunch of birches in his hand to arrive.

Sadly, not every child can experience this great moment at home, with the family. Among them are the youngest patients of the Saint Father Pio Voivodeship Hospital in Przemyśl. There was a surprise waiting for them there, thanks to the initiative of the representatives of the Funkomitywa Foundation, who ensured the letters written to the Santa Clause got delivered to the addressee. Santa Clause fulfilled the wishes of the children almost immediately – with the help of sponsors. The team of Santa Claus helpers was once again joined by B&B Engineering, who supported financially the activities carried out by the distinguished guest from far Lapland. The Children enjoyed not only the presents, but the fact that Santa Claus remembered about them.

-  We are well aware how difficult, or even traumatic experience for children is staying at the hospital and lack of direct contact with their parents, who because of the epidemics are unable to visit their children. Therefore, we are very happy that our support, among others, made the little patients of the hospital in Przemyśl smile.

Children’s delight, when they saw the presents and Santa Claus, was also a wonderful gift for us – the management of B&P Engineering assured us.