New product launched! Adsorber ADS XL is a device used for stabilization and conditioning of fruit and vegetable juices and concentrates

We are pleased to inform you that our equipment for the production of juices and fruit concentrates has been extended by another cutting edge device which guarantees product safety - Adsorber ADS XL. 


In situations where the ultrafiltration process does not provide required colour standardisation, the use of Adsorber allows the production of juices and concentrates meet the highest quality requirements related to stability and colour. 

The use of mixproof valves of the highest quality guarantees full product safety and allows for parallel production and regeneration of the adsorbent bed at the same time. 

Modular design that uses skid systems enables the layout of the individual Adsorber sections to be adapted to the concentrate manufacturer's premises.  

Detailed information about the Adsorber can be found here.