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Complete technological lines for the production of NFC juices, juice concentrates and fruit purees

Complete technological lines for the production of NFC juices, juice concentrates and fruit purees

B&P Engineering specializes in the manufacturing of complete technological lines for the production of juices, juice concentrates and fruit purees. Our company is the general contractor for investments and the manufacturer of machines used at every stage of production.

B&P Engineering provides its customers with a comprehensive service | Juice process lines

We start our cooperation with our customers by defining their needs, expectations and specific considerations linked with a given project.

At this stage, specialists from B&P Engineering analyze the possibilities of the plant or new investment during an onsite meeting. 

As a result of these agreements, we then determine what exactly we can offer. The project is fully customised for the individual needs of each client and detailed with appropriate technical specifications, technological diagrams and a layout marking the location of the machines and process equipment. 

After finishing the talks we start the production process once the customer has accepted the project.

The entire manufacturing process will occur in one place. Our production area is 15,000 m2 and this enables us to manufacture all the components of the production line. 

Starting from the raw materials reception area and ending with the storage facilities— i.e. unloading systems, conveying systems, mills, mash heaters, juice presses, evaporation stations, ultrafiltration systems, process tanks, pasteurization stations, equipment for the elimination of ACB bacteria from the concentrate, storage tanks and silos. 

All machines and equipment are manufactured using the latest technologies and components from renowned producers. 

Our Research and Development and Production Optimization departments implement projects which facilitate and improve our production processes. 


High-quality manufacturing is our standard.

Our highly qualified employees from the Quality Control Department ensure consistent high production quality.

Each part is thoroughly checked before going into production and the once the machines have been manufactured they undergo appropriate tests before being sent to the customer. 

B&P Engineering has all the necessary certificates to be able to guarantee that our customers will receive the highest quality machines.

Our company specializes in the comprehensive implementation of projects. We are responsible for the transport of every single part of the complete technological line. 

We take care of any oversize transport requirements for larger production line components such as storage tanks or silos. 

At the construction site our professional assembly team will install the tanks, machines and technological piping according to the approved layout. 

We care about safety. All operations on the construction site will be conducted with strict adherence to health and safety regulations.

After the machines are installed, our experienced automation engineers and programmers connect the control systems and start up the particular production sections.

Our programmers guarantee that the control systems work intuitively and are programmed in such a way that they enable our customers to maximize the processing capacity of the particular sections of the technological line. 

We have successfully completed many turnkey projects and greenfield investments.

We specialize in the manufacturing of complete technological lines for the production of juice concentrates and direct juices (NFC).

Our customers have the professional warranty and post-warranty service including 24-hour online service. 

Professional service teams guarantee a quick response to any notification of breakdown from our customers.

The most reliable confirmation that our skills and expertise can be trusted are all the projects that we have successfully completed. We are looking forward to doing business with you.  


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